Custom WEB Site Design

With CompuWRXs designing your business website, we’ll not only create a professional site that appeals to your target audience, but we’ll also assist you with building brand identity that will complement your existing marketing materials.

While our competition is providing a one-size fits all cookie cutter solution, CompuWRXs will provide you with a unique eye catching custom graphical design, which is important in today’s highly competitive market and economy.

Quality Photography

Dependent on the subject matter and the industry, CompuWRXs can provide an onsite photographer for staging and image capture to be used on the site. The team has the skills in the latest digital technology and software to create the artwork that will take your customer’s on a tour into the next dimension.


Properly designed and functional websites are much more than pretty pictures and words. They’re customer facing marketing materials. The website sets your client’s first impression of your business. Therefore your website needs to use properly formatted HTML, XML, meta tags and employ some cross platform compatibility to reach your customers.

During construction, each website goes through rigorous testing by the development team prior to being submitted to the client for final testing and acceptance. Post acceptance, each website comes with a predefined warranty period where adjustments may be made for fine tuning, performance and functionality.

Content Management System (CMS)

A CMS shopping cart or a photo gallery or ... Yes CompuWRXs will provide a custom CMS solution designed to meet your specific needs in updating specific marketing materials for your website without jeopardizing the overall design and layout of the site. The portal will enable you to also run metrics reports against your site to provide insight into who visits the site and how often.

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