CompuWRXs Media Specialist

Our goal is to deliver robust and unique solutions at reasonable prices that achieve the goals and objectives of your business.

Why work with COMPUWRXS?

Here at COMPUWRXS, we are about quality, collaboration and meeting our customer’s requirements. While others are delivering one–size fits all cookie–cutter solutions, we create the perfect custom site to fit your specific brand and needs.

Here is how we do it …

  • Collect and document your requirements
  • Provide a high–level design proposal
  • and … develop a unique eye–catching solution

Some of the technical services we offer …

  • Full Stack Development
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Database design & development
  • Contact Management Systems (CMS)
  • Photography & Artwork Development
  • LAN (Internal) or WAN (world wide web) design